Financial Services

The government’s ambitious target for financial services is to more than double the sector’s share of the economy, from 12% today to 25% by 2015.

  • Forbes Magazine ranks Malta as the 5th most tax beneficial jurisdiction in the world and as  the best within the EU;
  • 8th position on the strength of auditing and reporting standards;
  • Soundness of Maltese banks has been ranked in 10th position;
  • 11th position in financial market development;
  • Malta is in the 12th position in the assessment carried out on the regulation of securities exchanges;

Malta today is internationally recognised as a brand denoting excellence in financial services. It offers an attractive cost- and tax-efficient base for financial services’ operators looking for an EU-compliant, yet flexible domicile.

The financial services sector is now a major force in the country’s economy, and Malta has some significant strengths to offer the industry: a well-trained, motivated workforce; a low-cost environment and an advantageous tax regime backed up by over fifty double taxation agreements. To these, we can add a world-class ICT infrastructure, English as an official language, an enviable climate and our strategic location.

Above all, we offer a single, supervisory body, the Malta Financial Services Authority, which ensures full compliance with EU regulations but, at the same time, is able to act with speed, flexibility and the minimum of bureaucracy.