The Certified Anti-Corruption Manager


Our main objective with this certification is to reinforce existing knowledge of the concepts and principles of the rule of law, anti-corruption, accountability and responsibility, governance, internal control, equal opportunities, combating all aspects of nepotism, anti-money laundering and combating conflicts of interest.  With the knowledge and tools acquired through the training, graduates are expected to apply these skills as they carry out their respective responsibilities, which in turn support the organisation’s strategy and the National Government anti-corruption strategy.

Corruption, bribery, money laundering and fraud are a key concern to many global organizations. This Certified Anti-Corruption Manager®️ (CACM) course and certification is therefore a key course for public officials and public sector general directors, and other decision makers as well as for board members, executive management, senior management, compliance officers, fraud examiners and other fraud specialists, controllers and corporate managers, attorneys, legal professionals and law enforcement personnel, detectives and private investigators, forensic and management accountants, accounts payable and financial analysts, GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) managers, internal and external auditors, and business professionals.

In addition, the programme opens qualified members to an international community of fellow qualified   members, a library of contemporary subject related publications and other AACI materials that can assist in the effective performance of their responsibilities.


5 days full time


Personnel who successfully emerge from the training course and the in house ‘on line test’ will be presented with certification of ‘Certified Anti-Corruption Manager’ (CACM).


– Certified Anti-Corruption Managers (CACM) candidate should meet the following eligibility requirements:

– Have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university;

– Have three years of experience in a managerial position accompanied with managerial responsibilities;

– Provide a good conduct certificate.

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