Due Diligence


All students will leave with a detailed understanding of the requirements in any due diligence process. They will possess the ability to lead any due diligence assignment from small to large, internal to external, domestic to multi-national and for private or public companies. While the course uses commercial transactions as its focus, the skill set is much broader and imparts a lifelong change in the way we, as professionals and persons, think and make decisions.

Our main objective is to reinforce existing knowledge of the concepts and principles of due diligence.  With the knowledge and tools acquired through the training, graduates are expected to apply these skills as they carry out their respective responsibilities, which in turn support the National Government strategy. The course is structured in a way to include real life case studies and scenarios and provoke participation from attendees in such a manner so as to ensure practical knowledge is being imparted to the attendees.

In addition, the programme opens qualified members to an international community of fellow qualified members, a library of contemporary subject related publications and other IDDO materials that can assist in the effective performance of their responsibilities.


2.5 Days full-time


Personnel who successfully emerge from the training course will be presented with certification Due Diligence Certified. Furthermore, a digital copy of ‘Due Diligence for The Financial Professional’, the multi award-winning book by the IDDO Co-Founder L. Burke Files with over 480 pages of information including check sheets and ratios that can be used in any engagement will be given to all attendees. Attendees will also receive a full membership in the IDDO with access to all of the resources online as well as access to the entire worldwide community of IDDO professionals.


The IDDO candidate should meet the following eligibility requirements:

– Have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university; and/or

– Has one year of experience in a Due Diligence position accompanied with managerial responsibilities; and

– Provide a good conduct certificate.

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