Industries In Malta


Well into the services and the high tech manufacturing ages, Malta is well advanced when compared to the size it occupies in the world. One of the salient points of Malta is that diversified business sectors exist to provide what is needed by a modern country and thus encompasses all major services. Based on its diligent but creative workforce, the Maltese worker and entrepreneur, have built a successful country with strong foundations.

Like many countries, it has chosen to specialize in specific areas.

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Financial Services

Malta today is recognised as a brand denoting excellence in financial services. With its tax incentive and wide network of treaties, Malta is truly an attractive proposition.

ICT & e-Gaming hub

The country is a pillar in the European ICT & eGaming sectors, offering great incentives. Apart from this Malta has learnt to adjust and now provides great knowhow in this area.


With its highly skilled yet cost effective work force, high end manufacturing still plays an important role. A powerful combination has been developed between effective workforce and trade position.

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International Filming

With films such as Gladiator, Troy and Agora, the country celebrates a rich tradition in filming. Whether filming for land cuts, sea storms, or aerial filming, Malta enjoys a natural setting and extensive facilities.

Life Sciences

A sector, unleashed only a few years, Malta became a rich park in the pharmaceutical and life sciences research. Breeding business and collaborative logistics has ensured an exponential growth and returns in this field.

Maritime & Aviation

The maritime offers one of the biggest shipping registers in the world. In terms of aviation registration too is key but offers more in terms of passenger hub and a maintenance base for commercial airliners as well as regional servicing or corporate jets.

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