Fraud Detection, Investigation & Prevention

Course Overview

What constitutes Fraud? What could the implications of fraud be for an organisation? Do we call it fraud if it happens only at the highest levels? Who is ultimately responsible for fraudulent actions? Do you need to review or upgrade your organisation’s fraud policy, procedures and responsibilities in a constantly changing and challenging environment?

These are some of the recurring questions this Fraud Course will be addressing, by bringing together multi-disciplined participants with different perspectives and experiences.

This Fraud Course(s) are designed for personnel who have responsibilities to develop, implement fraud policies and procedures, monitor and report suspected fraud incidents. Corporate Managers, Internal and External Auditors and Monitoring / Supervisory Authority(ies), would benefit from the course as it provides a forum for participants to interact, share their experiences and challenges, and strengthen their implementation skills.

Course content

– Legal terminology – Fraud

– Changing face of Fraud

– Perceptions of Fraud

– Risk awareness environment

– Detection of Fraud -Five step approach

– Relating Exposures and Symptoms to a programme

– Prevention- Four step approachAnalysis of Fraud Cases – Team Exercises

– Software applications – detection and reporting

Our trainers have significant international work experience in one or more of the course subjects being presented. Case studies and exercises are continually enhanced by our network of professional trainers and colleagues from the Public and Private Sectors.


2 days full time


A certificate of completion will be issued by Getgovernanz (Malta) and the American Anti-Corruption Institute (AACI) (USA). A Power Point Presentation will also be provided to be used for internal HR training and information sessions.

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