Cyber Security & IT Risk

Cybersecurity threats are a global reality. Every year, thousands of companies are affected by threats of cybersecurity, and locally, businesses are not immune to this reality as they remain vulnerable to such disruptions.

As a company born out of a wish to do things differently, NOUV’s multidisciplinary commitment means that it is also positioned to recognize companies’ vulnerability to cyberattack disruptions and holds solutions for them to help them set up a proper cybersecurity strategy in place, complete with tools, policies and adequate procedures drawn up.

This specialist service is offered through KnowBreaches Ltd, a joint venture with AtoZ Electronics ideally positioned to provide cybersecurity solutions for the local business community. One of the leading solutions is F-Secure’s award-winning suite of cyber-security solutions, developed over the past 30 years and mostly geared for the business sector with a focus on rapid detection and prevention of cyberattacks.

We encourage companies to understand their vulnerability to cyberattack disruptions and to consider cybersecurity tools, policies and procedures that help them protect their operations through:

– Cyber Security Solutions

– IT Risk Management

– Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

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