Growth Strategy


A healthy company is a company that wants to grow, and that continually seeks opportunities for growth. Business success is achieved when such growth is managed sustainably by seeking market opportunities that are in line with the company’s strategy for growth.

Expanding Internationally

Business expansion should not only be restricted to local opportunities. Businesses should also seek international partners, suppliers, affiliations, and business opportunities.

Our Focus at NOUV is to match high-quality business opportunities to the right investors.

We can also assist together with industry experts to develop and realise those business opportunities from inception to growth and mature stage. Moreover, our consulting services focus on assisting companies to boost their business’s appeal to investors, maximise funding options, identify and negotiate with target businesses or potential acquirers or joint ventures.

We are regularly involved in various exciting projects which would be of great interest to the right investors.

Going Public

Taking your company public presents exciting growth prospects, especially as such a move would contribute to stronger brand equity, better market visibility and new business opportunities. NOUV can assist your organisation breeze through the whole IPO process, including the heavy accounting and reporting requirements as well as managing the board of directors and your new shareholders.

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