Environmental, Social and Governance

At NOUV MT we are committed to being a responsible business, both in how we work with our clients but also in terms of how we contribute to the wider community. It is important to our employees to work for a socially responsible organisation and our approach therefore reflects our people.

GET GOVERNANZ is geared to offer the Public and Private Sectors advisory services on risk management, anti-corruption strategies, policies, and their effective implementation. It offers staff and corporate executive-level training programmes on Governance, anti-money Laundering and fraud awareness. All courses and training programmes are officially accredited by the American Anti-Corruption Institute.

We firmly believe that it is only by showing integrity and by working ‘above board’ that we can be effective contributors to our economy and to all our stakeholders’ growth and success.

We believe in social responsibility with regards to our business environment.

NOUV MT is committed to support the Malta Red Cross.

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