Certification and Training

At NOUV, we believe that corporate responsibility starts when businesses operate ethically and responsibly. We have built our business and reputation on providing local and international clients with trusted, ethical and professional financial, advisory and IT services. Therefore, we decided to make it our mission to promote good governance by setting up Get Governanz.

Get Governanz was set up in collaboration with the American Anti-Corruption Institute (AACI) and in partnership with the Malta Chamber of Commerce specifically to offer advisory services on risk management, anti-corruption strategies, policies, and their effective implementation.

Through Get Governanz, NOUV and the AACI will assist local businesses, authorities and educational institutions on anti-corruption strategies and implementation methods through a pragmatic series of anti-corruption accreditation training and advisory services that nurture trust and transparency in the sector. We will be offering staff and corporate executive-level training programmes on governance, anti-money laundering and fraud awareness and all courses and training programmes will be officially accredited by the American Anti-Corruption Institute, namely:

CACM (Certified Anti-Corruption Manager)

CPMT (Anti-Corruption Certification Program for Organisations)

DD (Due Diligence)

FDIP (Fraud Detection, Investigation and Prevention)

For further details please visit the Getgovernanz website www.getgovernanz.com

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