Family Business Services

Helping families and their businesses achieve their long-term goals

Family-owned businesses offer a complex set of dynamics, particularly in sustaining family relationships (and their effect on the business) and succession planning. In working towards successfully passing on the business to future generations family businesses need to strike the right balance between preserving family values and maintaining control and trusting third parties to contribute their competence, expertise and perspective.

At NOUV MT, we take the time to understand the prevailing circumstances and relationships forming your organization. From strategy and governance, to business transition and private wealth management, we have the tools and experience to offer guidance to effectively reach your business goals while achieving the business’ longevity.

  • Business Assessments — evaluation of the current business in its current environment and making recommendations.
  • Succession Planning — addressing planning and other issues related to the ownership and management of your assets in relation to generational transitions
  • Conflict Resolution — providing independent incite and acting as an intermediary in resolving internal conflicts.
  • Strategic Planning — Establishing long term goals and setting targets and objectives in order to achieve the organisation’s vision.
  • Leadership Development — defining the leadership characteristics required to reach strategic goals. We will assess leadership alternatives and can assist with in house grooming as well as external recruitment.
  • Estate Planning — aligning the needs of the family and the business
  • Business Valuation —that provides a current assessment as well as consider value drivers which not only indicate today’s value but also how to maximize value in the long term.
  • Family Governance — Establishing and implementing good governance policies. This will provide the structures and procedures necessary for decision making and creates a system of accountability and responsibility. Good governance reduces uncertainty and the occurrence of conflict and therefore contributes towards a more effective organization.

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