Corporate Finance

36N Capital Management Ltd is an affiliate company of NOUV MT Group.

36N Capital, is a “boutique” broker dealer firm specialising in capital raising, mergers & acquisitions and advisory services. We provide access to early-stage, interim- and growth-round funding, predominantly in financial, gaming, e-commerce, and property markets, together with M&A brokerage for more mature enterprises.

The founding partners have managed a combined net worth in excess of $250 million worth of angel investment, staged round funding, M&A activities and emerging venture based private placement transactions.

Our advisory services focus on assisting companies’ to boost their business’s appeal to investors, maximise funding options, identify and negotiate with target businesses or potential acquirers or joint ventures’.

Capital Raising

  • Funding:
    • Angel, Mezzanine and Bridge- Investments
    • Private Company Equity and Debt Capital Raising
  • M&A brokerage:
    • Process Creation
    • DR Management
    • Targeted Corporate Sell-Side Engagements
    • Structured Proprietary Buy-Side Transactions


  • Due Diligence:
    • Analysis
    • Discovery
    • Mechanicals
    • Enterprise Valuation
  • Operational:
    • On-Shoring
    • Structure and Strategic Positioning
    • Capitalisation

The term “corporate finance” is associated with transactions in which capital is raised in order to create, develop, grow or acquire businesses.

Corporate finance decisions determine how an entity will utilize funds or obtain the funding necessary to achieve an organisation’s goals.  Therefore, these decisions determine the structure of ownership as well as the relationship between equity and debt (gearing).

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