Courses You Need to Spike Your Career in 2023

Article written by Jeanine Sladden, Senior Manager Academy.

By Jeanine Sladden,

Senior Manager Academy & Group HR Manager

Recent data is suggesting that the top training certifications for 2023 include Digital Marketing, Full Stack Development, Product Management, Big Data, Project Management, and Business Analytics, amongst many others.

Whatever your profession is, it goes without saying that further professional training will not only make you more knowledgeable and hence, more competitive and job ready, but it will position you in the job market with the potential to widen your possibilities, unlock more opportunities and to switch your career, with a potential for you to land your dream job.

However, it is also a fact that with our busy lifestyles, where work continues to take a bigger chunk of our time, many are left with very little time that they could spare for additional professional training.

But experience is showing that even opting for short-term courses could bring benefits.

At our training academy run by Tuning Fork, we offer over a hundred different courses. Our vast range of courses reflects our belief that employees should continue their academic development not only to become more productive, efficient, and effective but also to make better contributions to their workplace.

Today, the Academy offers accredited and non-accredited training courses in relation to ISO standards, in Management and Leadership, Governance, Sustainability, Project Management, Automotive, Health & Safety, and Hospitality. Courses are mostly sought by people in management and leadership positions as well as those responsible for the auditing of ISO standards with clients across all industries including pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing, and gaming companies.

Training could differentiate you as an employee, making you more competitive.

This also applies to our methods and styles of training where we encourage you to choose how you prefer to complete your training – either face-to- in a classroom, online, or self-paced. We also tailor the training according to specific needs and preferences without the need to opt for regular off-the-shelf training.

When your employer sees you putting more effort into furthering your career, you would be giving them enough reason to want to invest in you more. And once you hold more qualifications, you will be perfectly entitled to higher-paying jobs.

Not to mention that moving out of your office for more training also opens you up to more networking and more opportunities!