JAYE Malta Foundation

JAYE Malta Foundation’s relationship with Nouv goes back to 2016. Nouv took the time to truly understand the exigencies of an NGO and it’s requirements and more specifically those of JAYE and its unique nature. This is critical to us at JAYE as it ensures that all is kept in good order and to the standards required by our Voluntary Organisation status which is critical to our funding. Nouv staff are very patient with us and take the time to get things exactly the way we need them.


Fiona Captur, CEO | JAYE Malta Foundation


Kalamba Games

The team at NOUV have proven to be proactive, professional in their approach, delivered against expectations and everything comes with a genuine amicable smile. They look after all my Audit, Accounting and Tax requirements, so that I can concentrate on doing all the exciting things and growing Kalamba into a tier one business. I don’t think we could ask for any more! I would definitely recommend NOUV.


Steve Cutler, CEO & Co-Founder at Kalamba Games



NOUV assists CoinGaming, on different fronts, starting from Finance to Corporate Secretarial and Regulatory matters.

They were recommended to us a few years back as we needed to remodel and reorganise our Finance Function. They immediately hit the ground running, flew back and forth to Tallinn and at the end they simply did a fantastic job by designing the necessary financial KPIs, financial reporting, and improved our internal processes, systems and controls.

NOUV also assisted us in obtaining Malta igaming licence/s, including the handling of the ongoing, Audit, Tax and VAT regulatory aspects of the Malta based companies.

It’s a joy working with these guys and would recommend using NOUV for similar jobs like the above.

Thumbs up NOUV!


Tim Heath, CEO at Coingaming.io & Co-Founder of OneTouch.io.



We have been working with Nouv MT for 18 months and it has been a breath of fresh air. Andrew Naudi and his resources have played a fundamental role in advising us on governance, risk and control matters in line with the respective regulator directives. What stands out for me is their professional approach and at the same time it feels that they are part of the firm! It has given us the confidence as a business and truly defines the expression trusted partnership!


Brian Dean, Chief People Officer


BELS has outsourced its finance function to NOUV for almost 5 years now. I am most satisfied with the services they provide us with; from basic bookkeeping, to assistance with financial planning, and a place where to knock around strategic ideas. NOUV also brings to my business sustainability by bringing in from time to time leaders from a variety of fields; e.g. business, legal, IT.

The service is efficient and forward thinking and most of all receptive to the idiosyncratic needs of the industry within which I operate my schools.

I am happy to recommend them to anyone looking for down to earth, precise & ‘user-friendly’ financial & advisory services.


Rebecca Bonnici, Chief Executive Officer