International Filming Industry

The film industry has developed substantially over the past years, and is now an important contributor to the economic growth and job creation in Malta.

Over the past four years, Malta hosted 65 productions, including over 26 films or television series, that have generated over €105m in the Maltese economy and creating a number of job opportunities in the process. Malta also offers fiscal incentives including refund on VAT incurred and corporate tax solutions.

Finance, the Economy and Investment Minister Tonio Fenech, said this while addressing Film Speak 2012, Malta’s first Film Convention. This convention was intended to open up dialogue between the industry service providers and the various government agencies in order to streamline the current processes and to therefore improve the quality and efficiency that this sector is able to offer.

Internationally-renowned producers have been choosing Malta and Gozo as their filming destination for a substantial part of the 20th century. At least 100 feature films in a span of 86 years have been shot in Malta either entirely or partially, with the earliest known film going back as far as 1925 with Sons of the Sea directed by H. Bruce Woolfe and most recently World War Z directed by Marc Forster.

Minister Fenech added that “all this activity has created significant opportunities not only for a number of operators involved directly in the film servicing industry, but also to different areas of industry that benefit from the presence of such high-value activity on our islands, including hotels, restaurants, transport and logistics companies amongst others. These films have also created numerous of jobs for people involved in production, costumes, make-up artists, hair stylists, technical personnel, location managers, drivers and extras. Many of these people have also invested a lot of time and energy in order to specialise in the specific requirements of the industry.”

Minister Fenech added that this is an important year for the film industry in Malta, which will host the European Film Awards. This event is held on the first weekend of every December, with Berlin hosting the ceremony every other year, and a different European city hosting in alternate years. Cities where the awards have been held include London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Warsaw, and Copenhagen. It will serve to consolidate Malta’s steadily growing visibility and reputation within the international film industry, and will allow for further recognition both in the build-up to and during the event.

Government has also sought to support our indigenous industry, through the establishment of the Malta Film Fund, which over the past three years has represented an investment of around €700,000 to the development and production of local films and a general improvement of the Maltese audio-visual industry.

Film industry in Malta registers growth and job creation – Article published on 24 February 2012 in the Malta Independent.

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Malta’s unique geographical location, beautiful and reliable weather, unique scenery with historical backdrops and a guaranteed supply of extras, make it an ideal location for a variety of film productions. The disposition of the local authorities to make available as much as possible the local scenario for the film industry together with an on- going investment in the existing film facilities, have attracted film producers of international repute to Malta. Indeed, in the recent past, films which were great  blockbusters with Oscar nominations and awards to their credit such as Troy, Gladiator, Alexander, Munich, U-571, Clash of The Titans and the Da Vinci Code to mention a few, apart from a good number of commercials for top branded products, have been shot in Malta for the said reasons.

However, in addition to the above, film producers have also been attracted to Malta because of the many incentives provided by the local authorities for the film industry including favorable tax treatment.

Nouv film services can on request provide detailed information on the existing incentives for the film industry on the local scenario together with our comprehensive services thereon which include advice on applicable contracts and on all necessary permits required for the venture, from temporary import licenses, custom clearance and ATA Carnet for importation of film production equipment to clearance from the Maltese Health Authorities, C.I.T.E.S. and veterinary services in case of animal importation for the film production; from employment of extras including minors, social security contributions for local and foreign employees, visas and work permits, employment costs, film set  construction to tax incentives applications including for tax refunds were applicable.

Nouv can also provide ‘back office services’ before and during the production stages, including on site accountants.

The following is a list of films shot in Malta, a number of which have won multiple Academy and Golden Globe awards:

  • 2013    World War Z; Kon Tiki; Sinbad;
  • 2010    The Devil’s Double;
  • 2006    The Da Vinci Code;
  • 2006    Open Water 2 (a.k.a. “Adrift”);
  • 2005    A Different Loyalty;
  • 2005    Munich;
  • 2004    Alexander;
  • 2004    Troy;
  • 2003    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen;
  • 2002    Astérix & Obélix: Mission Cléopâtre; The Count of Monte Cristo;
  • 2002    Pinocchio; Swept Away;
  • 2001    The Emperor’s New Clothes; Revelation;
  • 2000    Gladiator; U-571;
  • 1999    Jesus;
  • 1996    White Squall;
  • 1995    Cutthroat Island;
  • 1992    Christopher Columbus: The Discovery;
  • 1990    Operation White Dove;
  • 1989    Leviathan;
  • 1988    Black Eagle;
  • 1986    The Fifth Missile; Pirates;
  • 1985    Final Justice;
  • 1983    Never Say Never Again; Trenchcoat;
  • 1981    Clash of the Titans; Inseminoid;
  • 1980    Popeye; Raise the Titanic;
  • 1978    Midnight Express; Sweeney 2; Warlords of Atlantis;

Also a good number of commercials where shot in Malta, some of which are renowned brands: Tonno Nostramo (2010); Bacardi (2009); Range Rover (2008); Becks (2006); Corona (2006); Coca-Cola (2003); Shell (2002); Mastercard (2002); Pirelli Tyres (2002); Citröen (2001); Cadbury – Time Out (2001) and Levi’s (1996)