Foreign Investors

Improved technology and communications and the reduction of trade barriers have all contributed towards the expansion of global markets. However, when considering establishing an international presence, careful planning is essential. In the pursuit of new potentially lucrative markets, business owners frequently underestimate the commitment involved in trading abroad be this financial, operational, management time, IT or administration. Worse still, the impact on the core business is often not considered until after the event

Establishing presence overseas may offer greater potential rewards than exporting goods from Malta. A presence also allows for a better understanding of the prevailing culture and market conditions.  Advantages may include the reduction of production and selling costs, example by sourcing local materials and eliminating middle men.

The resources needed to physically enter a new market are significant and as with any new venture the risks associated with such a decision need to be considered.

A presence abroad may take the form of an agency, branch, subsidiary or joint venture.  This will depend on the level of presence (and control) required as well as an entities appetite for risk.

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